Alyssa Wise Interview – “Learning Analytics Silent Storm”

Interview with Alyssa Wise at LAK15 conference by Tore Hoel, Hendrik Drachsler and Maren Scheffel.

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Evidence of the month: OpenEssayist – a tool for drafting essays

Each month, we highlight a piece of evidence from the LACE Evidence Hub, which brings together evidence about learning analytics. Everyone is welcome to add evidence to the Hub site. The Evidence of the Month for May is another paper

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Developing shared European policies for learning and performance support analytics at the workplace

On 15th April 2015 LACE project members organised the Spring Briefing and Workshop event on Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics, held in Brussels. The event was followed by 67 people, including representatives from different institutions/organisations with different interests, skills

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Advances in Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining at ESANN 2015

A successful special session on “Advances in Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining” was held at ESANN 2015 conference on 23rd of April. The special session was organized by SmartLab, University of Genoa and Eindhoven University of Technology, and 50

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George Siemens Interview – “Making Learning More Human”

In this final (seven minute) interview from the LAK15 conference, George Siemens from the University of Texas at Arlington and Athabasca University addresses two questions: What barriers have the learning analytics community overcome in the last three to five years?

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Abelardo Pardo Interview – “Learning Analytics will increase Student Capture”

In this interview from the LAK15 conference Abelardo Pardo from the University of Sydney considers some of the differences between Europe and Australia in how data is being used in institutions. Having recently moved to Sydney he thinks there is

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Shane Dawson Interview – Learning Analytics Needs a Solid Evidence Base

In this short interview Shane Dawson, from the University of South Australia, talks about how the field of learning analytics is developing especially in the area of privacy and ethics where new policies are being written and adopted. In the

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Learning Analytics “Silent Storm” – Alyssa Wise Interview #LAK15

In this interview recorded at the LAK15 conference, Scaling Up: Big Data to Big Impact, Dr Alyssa Wise from Simon Fraser University in Canada discusses the “silent storm” of learning analytics which she believes will make a big difference in

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Paul Prinsloo Interview – “Multidisciplinary Approach Enriches Discourse”

Paul Prinsloo is an Educational Researcher at the University of South Africa, the biggest distance learning institution on the African continent. In this interview (filmed at the LAK15 conference” he discusses how learning analytics has become more interdisciplinary over the

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Alan Berg Interview – “Learning Analytics Impacting on National Policy”

In this interview recorded at the LAK15 conference Alan Berg, Learning Analytics Community Officer for the Apereo Foundation, and the Innovation Group at the University of Amsterdam discusses how learning analytics is evolving. Community events are helping to spread “understanding

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Springtime is Learning Analytics time in Brussels….

67 people took part in our Spring Briefing and Workshop event held in Brussels yesterday on Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics. They included MEPs and representatives from the European Parliament, European Commission project officers and advisors (DG

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