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Launching the Man.Tr.A. Survey: Manufacturing Industry Training Analytics

LACE is launching an online survey dedicated to the analysis of training technologies in the Manufacturing, Retail, Supply Chain and other workplace settings to understand the maturity level of Industrial Training and the need therein to embrace new learning analytics advancements to improve overall efficacy of industrial training.


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How to give students control of their data

“Everybody’s talking about Big Data and Learning Analytics, but if you don’t solve privacy first it is going to be killed before it has really started.” These are the words of Larry Johnson, CEO of the New Media Consortium (NMC), known for their Horizon trendreports about...Read More »

Emerging Opportunities in K-12 Learning Analytics

In this video Roy Pea, Professor of Education and Learning Sciences at Stanford University, shares why data and learning analytics are needed to build a contemporary school education at scale. He does not only look into the promises of learning analytics but also the research challenges ahead. He also briefly...Read More »

De-identified LA data is a dream - is solutions built on trust the way out?

When 87 percent of the U.S. population can be uniquely identified with a reasonable degree of certainty by a combination of ZIP code, date of birth, and gender you may realise that it may be pretty hard to de-identify the data exhaust of modern education. Anonymising the data...Read More »

xAPI starts Community of Practice and Profiles Group

The xAPI specification has foreseen that, at some point in time, Communities of practice will “need to establish and define new Verbs and Activities to meet the need of their constituency”. Now the time has come for defining such a community. This August the first meeting was organised,...Read More »

Learning analytics: bridging the gaps

The LACE project supported a Learning Analytics Summer Institute event in the UK – LASI@MK.

The event highlighted the need for engagement and dialogue between communities in order to develop insight and institutional change. It is increasingly clear that introducing learning analytics involves...Read More »

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