2nd workshop on Ethics & Privacy in Learning Analytics @ LAK16

Ethical and Privacy Issues in the Design of Learning Analytics Applications
(hashtag: EP4LA)

Workshop collocated with the Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK 2016)
University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

April 25, 2016 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM

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We had a productive 2nd LAK workshop on EP4LA
– now it is time to share the outcome!

Papers & Presentations

  • Introduction to the workshop (PDF) – setting the scene by pointing to some important work by LACE project and others
  • Paper presentations
    • Verhagen, Dalibert, Lucivero, Timan, & Co: Designing values in an adaptive learning platform (PDF of paper – PDF of presentation)
    • Hoel, Chen, & Cho: Privacy Requirements for Learning Analytics – from Policies to Technical Solutions (PDF of paper – PDF of presentation)
    • Vivitsou & Saadatmand: Privacy in the era of big data and learning analytics: ethical considerations and positions (PDF of paper – PDF of presentation)
    • Cho, Hoel, & Chen: Mapping a Privacy Framework to a Reference Model of Learning Analytics (PDF)
  • Building an agenda for EP4LA actions on political, organisational and technical levels


Tore Hoel, Alan Berg, Weiqin Chen, Adam Cooper, Hendrik Drachsler, Rebecca Ferguson, Gábor Kismihók and Maren Scheffel


For only questions, please contact Tore Hoel, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Oslo, Norway 

tore.hoel [at]hioa.no

Introduction to the workshop

Issues related to Ethics and Privacy have become a major stumbling block in application of Learning Analytics technologies on a large scale. Recently, the learning analytics community at large has more actively addressed the EP4LA issues, and we are now starting to see learning analytics solutions that are designed not only as an afterthought, but also with these issues in mind. The 2nd EP4LA@LAK16 workshop will bring the discussion on ethics and privacy for learning analytics to a the next level, helping to build an agenda for organizational and technical design of LA solutions, addressing the different processes of a learning analytics workflow.

The Workshop at LAK16 will take stock of current ethics and privacy-led design for learning analytics and contribute to an agenda for large-scale implementations that goes beyond mere policy guidelines.

Objectives & Topics

The Workshop will develop an agenda for EP4LA-based design of organizational and technical infrastructures based on the recent awareness of the importance of ethical and privacy issues related to big data. Following the path of data sharing through the different processes of a LA system (Figure below), e.g., Learning Activity, Data Collection, Data Storing and Processing, Analyzing, Visualization, and Feedback Actions, the objective of the Workshop is to give the participants inputs to build an agenda for ethics and privacy for all these processes. 


Figure: Processes in a Learning Analytics cycle