A Manifesto for Learning Analytics in the Workplace (LAW)


LACE has published a Manifesto for Learning Analytics in the Workplace. The manifesto builds on the results of the workshops at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, reported in review 3 of the Learning Analytics Review series. It sets out that the EU should identify and cooperate with all the relevant stakeholders, such as industry leaders, employers, workers, universities, teachers, social partners, trade and teacher unions, with the aim of identifying 21st century skills, improving the training provided to the existing workforce, and maintaining the equilibrium between the needs of industries and society.
The manifesto also requests the EU and national educational authorities, together with companies and social partners, to improve research and development of IT tools that are able to leverage a mix of formal and informal learning situations during workforce daily operations. Two case studies on the use of Learning Analytics at the workplace are also provided, related to the EU project Watch Me and to SkillawareTM an IT platform for electronic performance support.


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