About Today’s Ethics and Privacy in Learning Analytics (#EP4LA) Workshop


Later today members of the LACE project team are facilitating a half-day workshop session at the LAK15 Conference on Ethics and Privacy in Learning Analytics (#EP4LA).

As described in a blog post published recently on the LACE web site:

This interactive workshop aims to raise awareness of major ethics and privacy issues. It will also be used to develop practical solutions for learning analytics researchers and practitioners that will enable them to advance the application of learning analytics technologies.

The workshop is based on a series of five #EP4LA events that started in October 2014:

  • 1st EP4LA @ Utrecht, NL, 28 October 2014
  • 2nd EP4LA @ Education Days, NL, 11 November 2014
  • 3rd EP4LA @ BDEDU, Washington, US, 11 November 2014
  • 4th EP4LA @ Apereo Foundation, FR, February 2015
  • 5th EP4LA @ JISC, UK, February 2015
  • 6th EP4LA @ LAK15, USA, March 2015

The post describes how:

The EP4LA workshop at LAK15 will be held on Monday March 16, 2015 from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm EDT (12.30-16.30 GMT). There will be five presentations. All presentations have a 30 minutes time slot that includes time for some questions. Next to the presentations we will also have two discussion sessions: one together with the coffee break and one at the end where we will discuss most pressing questions and actions to follow.

Hendrik Drachsler, opened the workshop with an overview of the topics discussed at the previous #EP4LA workshops in Utrecht and Washington, and Paris. He provided a complete overview of the past activities in the field of ethics and privacy for learning analytics and which lessons have been learned already.

Tore Hoel has made his slides for the talk on “Privacy-driven design of Learning Analytics applications – exploring the design space of solutions for data sharing and interoperabilityavailable on Slideshare. The slides are also embedded below:

NOTE:  The following information was added after the post was published.

A Storify summary of tweets posted during the workshop using the #EP4LA Twitter hashtag is now available.

In addition to the slideshow included above a presentation on “Student vulnerability, agency and learning analytics: an exploration” given by Paul Prinsloo and Sharin Slade is also available on Slideshare and embedded below.

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