Cross-cultural studies of LA policies will help implementations


Successful large-scale implementations of learning analytics in schools, higher education and training are depending upon policy developments that are still not in place. To create a “policy network” sparked by cross-national studies makes it possible to learn best policy practices from others, speed up developing local policies, and to adapt policies that make services more interoperable and easier to use across policy contexts.overview

The workshop gathered participants from all parts of the world.

The LA Policy workshop organised during the last Learning Analytics & Knowledge conference (LAK17) in Vancouver, Canada, in March this year demonstrated that there already is a global community of researchers interested in doing this kind of policy studies. The workshop was successful in bringing in a rich account of what is done in terms of policies in Canada, Netherlands, India, Croatia, Norway, China, Scotland, Japan, Australia, and Korea, – just to name some of the countries that were explored in workshop papers, presentations and discussions.

Policies at national and regional level are shaping the development of learning analytics. As Learning Analytics moves from theory to practice it has become clear that adoption varies substantially around the world. Policy and regulations also have a strong effect on adoption, not only a the institutional level, but also at regional and national levels. The policies and regulations may specifically address learning analytics, or may concern related factors, such as data management, privacy, or ethical practice. At present the field of Learning Analytics lacks an understanding of how policy and practice interact. The organsiers of the LAK17 workshop hopes that the workshop may be the start of an international research initiative on LA policies.

First, the academic results of the workshop will be writting up as journal articles to be submitted to a special issue of a reputable journal. The next step will be to scope futher projects and seek support building on the network that is established.

CanadaGriff Richard presenting the Canadian case.


The Croation case under construction, Blazenka Divjak explaining.

japanThe Japanese case presented by Daiki Suchiro


The Korean case presented by Jin-Myeong Chung


The Norwegian case presented by Morten Dahl

Weiqin_LiWeiqin Chen and Li Yuan working on the Chinese case.


The Indian case presented by Viraj Kumar.

HangingupThe wall of global LA policies.


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