Institutional readiness for learning analytics – a lot of piloting and consultations remains before we are ready


Institutional readiness for learning analytics. Is sounds like a dream. And it is a dream.  , it was the title for a conference LACE project organised in collaboration with University of Amsterdam middle of December. Through exploring  a number of pilots organised at UvA, a detour to the swamps of interoperability and standardisation, an introduction to the practice of institutional readiness consultations, the around 40 participants gathered in Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam were eventually invited to develop visions of the future. Judging from the evaluations sheets filled out in the end the experience had been ‘educational’ with enough slides, receiving more than ‘good’ marks, both in content and organisation.

Dai Griffith

Dai Griffith introduces LACE project work on interoperability and visions of the future.

Dai Griffith of the LACE project introduced the themes of the day by claiming that awareness of learning analytics is very high in educational institutions. «But learning analytics is a complex landscape. As part of developing a strategy we need to find out about current practice, and take a position what learning analytics can offer, and how this will evolve. And we need to invest in infrastructure and expertise.» The institutional readiness day was an opportunity to think about these things, he said.

In terms of what inspired the thinking we offer the following links and resources:

Examine practical solutions to challenges in implementing open learning analytics tools: University of Amsterdam UvAInform pilots in learning analytics

Alan Berg of UvAInform introduces the Faculty Sandbox for experimenting with learning analytics solutions

Alan Berg of UvAInform introduces the Faculty Sandbox for experimenting with learning analytics solutions

Stefan Mol

Stefan Mol presents the UvaInform project of University of Amsterdam

  • A set of slides from the UvAInform pilots (zip)
  • Josh Baron, US Marist College: Open Learning Analytics – Updates from the Field (Powerpoint)
Josh Baron

Josh Baron of US Marist College promoting the idea of open standards and open architectures

Discuss how open architectures and specifications can be an enabler for learning analytics strategy, and how to assess institutional readiness

Tore Hoel

Tore Hoel of LACE project talking of issues of data sharing

  • Tore Hoel: Introduction to the theme of Open Standards and Architectures (Powerpoint)
  • Patrick Lynch on the Jisc Open LA Architecture and Institutional Readiness Consultations (Powerpoint)
Patrich Lynch of Univesity o f Hull presents the Jisc architecture

Patrich Lynch of University of Hull presents the Jisc architecture

Envision possible futures for learning analytics: LACE Visions of the Future study: desirability, feasibility and drivers.

The LACE Vision of the Future study will be published early in 2016. The Amsterdam participants contributed to the study by discussing the desirability and feasibility of the eight visions selected to spur discussion on where we are heading:

In 2025…

  • analytics support self-directed autonomous learning
  • most teaching is delegated to computers
  • learning analytics systems are essential tools of educational management
  • open systems for learning analytics are widely adopted
  • individuals control their own data
  • analytics are rarely used in education
  • personal data tracking supports learning
  • classrooms monitor the physical environment to support learning and teaching.

About Author

Tore Hoel is affiliated with Learning Centre and Library at HiOA, and has been working within the learning technology standardisation community for more than ten years. He is now working on Learning Analytics Interoperability within the LACE project.

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