Keynote on Introduction to Learning Analytics still highly needed!


I have been asked to give an introductory keynote to Learning Analytics at the Dutch Onderwijsdagen (Teaching days). The Onderwijsdagem are a huge conference that attracts over 700 people every year, it is comparable to BETT in the UK, or OnlineEduca in Germany. It attracts especially teachers, companies and managers of K12 schools, HEI teaching orgnisations that spend less time on research.

I first was wondering if there is still an introduction to Learning Analytics needed but that was the typical misinterpretation when you talk LA all day long. You believe the core concepts are already common sense but in fact they are not, or only for a rather small group of people.

So I was very pleased to get the opportunity to catch up on the Learning Analytics Framework article that is now already 3 years. It proved to be well suited for an introduction on Learning Analytic according to Google Scholar and direct contacts. It was a great exercise to update the slides with the latest developments of the last 3 years of research. In fact we could write an follow up article on the LA Framework, not because the content is no longer valid but there are very well suited examples out now.

When I entered the room 350 people have joined to follow the introductory. The feedback was very positive although some people replied that the presentation that it was “too scientific” so there is still a call for Learning Analytics introductory presentations 😉 Picture 9 november 2015 from Casper Hulshof


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Dr. Hendrik Drachsler is Associate Professor for Personalised Learning Technologies at the Welten Institute of the Open University of the Netherlands. His research interests include Learning Analytics, Personalisation technologies, Recommender Systems, Educational data, mobile devices, and their applications in the fields of Technology-Enhanced Learning and Health 2.0. He is chairing the EATEL SIG dataTEL and the national SIG Learning Analytics of the Dutch umbrella organisation SURF. He is elected member of the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). In the past he has been principal investigator and scientific coordinator of various national and EU projects (e.g., FP7,, WP2 lead He has regularly chairing international scientific events and is Associate Editor of IEEE's Transactions on Learning Technologies, and the Journal of Learning Analytics.

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