LACE Flare: Event replay on 23 October


Keynote presentationJoin the LACE team online as we replay our very successful SoLAR Flare networking event on Friday 23 October from 10am to 1pm (BST). Network problems meant people were unable to join the event on the day via the livestream. Instead, join us on Friday to watch the recordings and share opinions via the #LACEflare hashtag.

We shall be starting at 10am (BST), watching this link, with an introduction by Patrick McAndrew, who talks about measuring what matters because what we measure changes what we do.

After this introduction, the recording includes brief introductions from all participants, giving an insight into the wide variety of work that is being done in this area by universities, companies and policy makers. If you would like to follow up on any points raised here, the LACE team can put you in touch with the speakers if you email or Tweet to us.

These introductions are followed by a keynote by Bart Rienties on ‘Research into practice at The Open University’. Bart, dubbed the Iggy Pop of learning analytics’ by one Flare attendee (see picture), is a reader in learning analytics at the OU. His detailed research into learning analytics and learning design helps us to understand the links between design and student success. For example, students like assimilative activities, but engagement is better correlated to passing the course. When his team made design decisions visible to teachers, they were able to reflect on those decisions and make changes to their practice.

Bart’s lively presentation is followed by a keynote from Chris Ballard, chief data scientist at Tribal. Join us at this link to watch Chris at 11.30am (BST) on Friday 23 October.

Chris provides good practical advice on building and implementing learning analytics – and on how research and practice differ.

At noon (BST) on 23 Oct, on the same link, join us for 17 lightning presentations from Flare participants. These give a clear idea of the diversity of work in learning analytics, and range from work on using analytics to support the teaching of 4- to 5- year-olds, through helping develop the language skills of newly arrived immigrants, to investigating how learning in MOOCs relates to learning in the classroom. An important thread that ran right through the day’s discussion was a focus on privacy and ethics, and Sharon Slade shares experience of moving from policy to practice in this area.

These recordings are available to watch at any time – but if you would like to join the Twitter discussion, please watch them along with us on Friday 23 October.



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Rebecca is a lecturer at The Open University in the UK, focused on educational futures, learning analytics, MOOCs, augmented learning and online social learning. She is a member of the steering committee of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) and was Workshops Chair of the second Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference (LAK 2012). She co-chaired the 1st and 2nd International Workshops on Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics, held in Belgium and the US, as well as the first UK SoLAR Flare (a national learning analytics event). Her most recent publication is the book ‘Augmented Education’, published by Palgrave in May 2014. Rebecca is working on the LACE work package relating to learning analytics in higher education.

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