LACE publishes a framework of quality indicators for learning analytics


Hard evidence for or against different types of learning analytics is more elusive than one would expect, as the LACE project has been finding out through its Evidence Hub. Part of the problem is the difficulty in comparing the results of different tools and methods. The LACE project has therefore developed a proposal for a framework, as described in the recently published LACE Learning Analytics Review paper A Framework of Quality Indicators for Learning Analytics by Maren Scheffel.
As the paper explains, the first version of the framework was developed through a group concept mapping study with experts from the field of learning analytics. The results of this process were then used as input to several statistical techniques that led to the first version of the framework. An evaluation with a small number of learning analytics experts was then carried out by turning the framework into an deployable tool. The evaluation identified several weak points in the first framework version and the experts supplied several suggestions and recommendations on how to improve the framework further.


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