LACE SoLAR Flare: Scaling up learning analytics


The LACE project held a successful SoLAR Flare event at the Open University, UK, on the 24 October 2014. It physically brought together more than 50 people interested in learning analytics, with more than 350 people followed the live video stream online from 29 different countries across 5 continents, and many others interacting on Twitter.

The video recordings and slides are all now available via the event’s Lanyrd page, along with links to most of the presenters.

Bart Rienties at SoLAR Flare

Dr Bart Rienties enthuses about learning analytics

The event was a great opportunity to bring people together to build connections and share experience. There was an emerging theme around the topic of scaling learning analytics up, from small scale tools (e.g. ReflectR, from Thomas Ullman) to deployments across whole institutions (Mark Stubbs, Manchester Metropolitan University; Rebecca Ferguson, Bart Rienties, Sharon Slade and Doug Clow, OU UK; and Ed Foster Nottingham Trent University) – and beyond, such as shared infrastructure and principles (Adam Berg, Apereo Initiative; Adam Cooper, Bolton University), the Spanish Network for Learning Analytics (SNOLA, Mariluz Guenaga, Deusto University), and to the analysis of massive courses (FutureLearn, Chris Lowis; OU UK, Rebecca Ferguson).

MMU Learning Analytics

Prof Mark Stubbs’ diagram of learning analytics at MMU

The Flare attendees also worked together to explore the evidence for learning analytics, helping to build the LACE Evidence Hub. This will be reported more fully in a later post.

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