LACE Team Activities at LAK15


It’s a busy week for the LACE team many of whom are in New York State attending LAK15.

If you want to catch up with them or follow on Twitter (#laceproject)- the table below summarises who is doing what and when.

The overview schedule gives session timings,

Abstracts are available in the full PDF schedule.

Time and date Event People
1 16-17 March. First Annual Open Learning Analytics Hackathon Adam Cooper
2 16 March. 08.30-12.30 [12.30-16.30 GMT] MU 3203: Ethics and Privacy in Learning Analytics (#EP4LA) Adam Cooper, Rebecca Ferguson, Hendrik Drachsler, Tore Hoel & Maren Scheffel
3 17 March. 13.00-13.45 [17.00-21.00 GMT] MU 3204: The 3rd LAK Data Challenge (merged with full-day  VISLA15: VISual Approaches to Learning Analytics) Data challenge runs from 13.00-13.45 Maren Scheffel, Hendrik Drachsler and Adam Cooper
4 18 March. 10.15-12.00 [14.15-16.00 GMT] Examining Engagement:  Analysising Learner Subpopulations in  Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) [FULL Session 1A: MOOCs — Assessments,  Connections and Demographics  Session ID: 1A-02] Rebecca Ferguson (for Doug Clow)
5 18 March. 10.15-12.00 [14.15-16.00 GMT] Using an Activity Dashboard  to Support Awareness and Reflection  in a European Virtual Seminar [PRACTITIONER Session: 1C. ID: 1C-01: Indicators and Tools for Awareness] Maren Scheffel and Hendrik Drachsler
6 18 March. 10.15-12.00 [14.15-16.00 GMT] Developing an Evaluation Framework  of Quality Indicators for Learnin Analytics  [SHORT Session: 1C. ID: 1C-04: Indicators and Tools for Awareness] Maren Scheffel and Hendrik Drachsler
7 18 March. 14.00-15.30 [18.00-19.30 GMT] Learning Analytics: European Perspectives [RESEARCH PANEL Session: 2C. ID: 2C-01 Practice Across Boundaries ] Rebecca Ferguson, Adam Cooper and Hendrik Drachsler
8 20 March. 10.15-12.00 [14.15-16.00 GMT] Correlations Between Automated  Rhetorical Analysis and Tutors’ Grades  on Student Essays [SHORT Paper ID: 7B-04] Rebecca Ferguson

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