LACE @ the Social Business Forum 2015: Learning Analytics and Performance Support in the times of Digital Disruption


LACE project was present at the Social Business Forum, held in Marriott Hotel, in the centre of Milan the last 7th-8th July 2015, both as event sponsor and as organizer of one of the thematic lunch events dedicated to Next Generation Workplaces and the use of disruptive learning technologies for user engagement and on boarding.

This thematic lunch have represented a unique possibility to expose the relevance of Learning Analytics and Performance Support at the workplace in the times of digital disruption with a great variety of attendees, coming from both different industrial sectors (e.g. ICT, Banking, Communication & Media, Energy, etc.) and academic fields (e.g. computational maths, engineering, human sciences).

The Social Business Forum 2015

The Social Business Forum 2015 (, organised by OpenKnowledge under the slogan “Embracing Digital Disruption”, is one of Europe’s leading events at its eighth edition which this year registered more than 1000 subscribers.

This year event was focused on how Digital Disruption is reshaping the basis of our lives, jobs and societies, dealing with topics such as:

  • Ubiquitous marketing, communication and business strategies, related to the spread of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the new social-industrial internet.
  • Reinvention of organizations and company hierarchies, in a world that is becoming more and more “on-demand”.
  • Reality Data Mining and the use of Big Data to manage better customer relationships and employees experiences at the workplace.
  • Next generation (digital) workplace training and support, passing from traditional e-learning to a more effective and innovative mix of learning technologies and methodologies (Learning Analytics, performance support, business process improvement).
  • Business of sharing, which is considered the new way of doing business, such as collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer production and shared practices and cultures among customers, citizens and users.
  • Social customer relationship management, with the re-definition of the relationships between companies and their customers.

This year the Forum offered to the more than 1.000 attendees from more than 20 countries attending the two days, up to 50 speakers and 20 business cases brought by different providers from the IT Industry (IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, Acer, sedApta, Expert System), Communication & Media (Sky, Cisco, Telecom Italia), Banking (BNP Paribas, UniCredit, Intesa Sanpaolo, ING Direct) and other fields like Energy, Manufacturing and Healthcare (Philips, Enel, a2a, Sanofi, Damiani International).

During the morning session, Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of Skillaware ( and project manager of the workplace learning works in the LACE project, presented “The Learning Sputnik Effect. Supporting Digital Disruption @ the Workplace”, embracing topics like training and learning needs that technological disruption generates in people and workers, new pedagogical models (e.g. 70:20:10 framework), rapid up skilling and competency development of the next-gen workforce.

Photo 1 - LACE presentation

LACE project presented to the plenary session of the Social Business Forum 2015.

 The speech explained in particular how the new nexus of forces of social, mobile and cloud technologies, which are currently generating the digital disruption, are not only re-shaping skills and capabilities of users as fast as never before, but are also favouring new advancements in Learning Analytics, Process Performance Support and Business Process Management for the improvement of traditional eLearning technologies in the new digital workforce training.

The event was followed by many tweet and social interactions even from a distance, which brought the event to lead online traffic generation in Italy during the 2 days.

Photo 2 - Tweets

Examples of social networking about LACE project during SBF 2015.


The LACE thematic lunch

After the first session, LACE project organised a thematic lunch on Learning Analytics and training of next generation workforce. During the lunch informal discussions on Learning Analytics at the workplace took place generating further interest in the LACE project and its mission and activities.

Photo 3 - Lunch discussion

Discussions during the thematic lunch organised by LACE.

 During the talks a copy of the Learning at Workplace (LAW) Manifesto was distributed to all the participants as a preview of the open document that will be published online by end of July 2015.

 Photo 4 - Tables

Presentation of LACE project and LAW Manifesto during the thematic lunch.

The LAW document consists in a living white paper developed by LACE WP5 with the contributions of the participants of the workplace session at the LACE Spring event held in Brussels last April. It faces some of the topics discussed during the Social Business Forum (such as IoT, Performance Support, 4th Industrial Revolution and Digital Disruption as well), together with recommendations for the EU institutions for the development of new policies about Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining.



About Author

Marco Paini is a member of the EU-Projects team of the sedApta Group. During his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Marco has developed extensive knowledge on different industrial and manufacturing processes and has participated in several EU project proposals. Marco has also worked in R&D Projects for Siemens and for other national and international companies.His participation in the LACE project will provide support and ideas in the development of learning and LA in the workplace, related to WP5.

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