LACE Visions at ASCILITE 2017


Since the LACE Visions of the Future report was published, we have heard of a number of people who have made use of the visions in one way or another (see here for a brief summary of the visions). The LACE team are delighted to see that they are now feeding in to a workshop to be held at ASCILITE 2017 in December Australia.

The session is entitled Are learning Analytics leading us towards a Utopian or Dystopian future, and what can we as practitioners do to influence this? It will be facilitated by Cassandra Colvin, from the Learning Analytics Special Interest Group and the panel will include experts from across Australasia including David Jones (University of Southern Queensland). The abstract is as follows:

In 2015 the Learning Analytics Community Exchange (LACE) developed a series of eight scenarios of the future of learning analytics which were designed to engender provocative discussion and reactions. The ASCILITE Learning Analytics Special Interest Group accepts this challenge and presents a panel discussion based on these scenarios. Our facilitator will lead the session through a series of questions, bringing together a range of discussants, each with their unique perspectives on the value and future of Learning Analytics. Will the year 2025 see a utopian future where students and academics have ready access to a diverse range of data and associated recommendations or a dystopian future in which learning analytics are rarely used. Delegates will be invited to join in the discussion through voicing their own opinions via a live twitter feed and polling.

It sounds like a fascinating session, and though we can’t be there we hope to be able to share the results here on the LACE website.


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