Learning analytics – polling the future


The European ICT community seems to have a not too optimistic, but– at the same time – not too pessimistic view on how learning analytics will transform the way we learn in schools, universities and workplace. That is if we choose to trust the polling done under the ICT15 workshop on 21st October in Lisbon. The workshop titled “Scaling up learning analytics: Innovating European Education” was organised by LACE in cooperation with Pelars, Watchme and iTalk2Learn projects and gathered around 50 participants of the more then 7000 ICT professionals taking part in the mega conference of the European Commission.

During the networking session the audience was asked a number of questions and were given the opportunity to vote to state their opinion on a issues of policy, ethics and privacy, pedagogical impact, and issues related to interoperability and technical architectures.  Below you see the results of the vote on the transformative ability of learning analytics.   
Will LA transform the way we learn? We will keep the vote open for some more days, so you can cast your vote yourself by clicking this link.

The Questions asked and the result of the different polls you will see if you download this PDF.

Screenshot of survey


About Author

Tore Hoel is affiliated with Learning Centre and Library at HiOA, and has been working within the learning technology standardisation community for more than ten years. He is now working on Learning Analytics Interoperability within the LACE project.

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