Learning Analytics “Silent Storm” – Alyssa Wise Interview #LAK15


In this interview recorded at the LAK15 conference, Scaling Up: Big Data to Big Impact, Dr Alyssa Wise from Simon Fraser University in Canada discusses the “silent storm” of learning analytics which she believes will make a big difference in universities, schools and workplaces in the near future. In this interview she describes the progress that has been made in the last five years on how we work with, analyse and visualise data. However there are still significant systematic challenges around getting access to data, she says. She also discusses how “all the visualisations in the world are meaningless if they are not incorporated into teachers and learners daily practices”. She believes the next five years will see greater data literacy and these methodologies being adopted in schools and workplaces. This interview was recorded at LAK15 by Tore Hoel, Hendrik Drachsler and Maren Scheffel and is available on the LACE project YouTube channel.

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