Planning to take part in Bett this year? then join us for LACE Learn Live events


LACE partners are organising a high profile meeting in London during the annual BETT show centred on two seminars taking place as part of the Learn Live Seminar Series on Friday 23 January.

The first, aimed at the Higher Education sector, takes place from 11.30 to 12.15 in the Learn Live: HE Learning Value and the Future Workforce FE Theatre and is entitled “Creating an action plan for learning analytics”. It is led by LACE partner Dr Doug Clow from The Open University and will help participants assess their institution’s current capability for making use of learning analytics, and help them plan for action. Read more here.

The second called “Learning Analytics – making learning better?” is aimed more at the schools sector and will take place from 12.30 till 13.15 in the Schools Learn Live: Secondary theatre. This seminar, led by LACE partner Dr Jan Hylén, working with Skolverket in Sweden, starts with a short introduction to learning analytics and educational data mining, highlighting how European schools are using different types of data to help support, manage and predict learning outcomes. It includes viewpoints from national school networks in the Nordic countries and the Netherlands. You can read more here.

Registration for BETT is free, sign up for the World’s Leading Learning Technology event, which expects to attract over 35,000 visitors this year, here.

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Eva Szalma works as Project Officer at the European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) since 2008. EDEN is the most comprehensive European association in open and distance and e-learning, it exists to share knowledge and improve understanding amongst professionals and to promote policy and practice across the whole of Europe and beyond. Eva’s field of work include network building, dissemination, quality assurance, evaluation and research. In the LACE project she is responsible for the production of the regular LACE newsletter as well as for identifying synergies and establishing partnerships.

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