Towards a Framework for Quality Indicators of Learning Analytics


We at LACE are passionate about the opportunities afforded by current and future views of learning analytics (LA). One of the intended outcomes of the LACE project is the development of a framework of quality indicators for learning analytics that helps to standardize the evaluation of learning analytics tools. The framework will help answer the question how LA tools might be evaluated as having a desirable effect on learning. The approach we are following is inspired by the LinkedUp project that developed a comparable framework to evaluate Linked Data Applications in Education with that methodology.

We would therefore like to invite you as an expert to participate in the LACE Group Concept Mapping study.

An important starting point for the design of the LACE Quality Indicator Framework is the collection of the central characteristics of LA related to awareness, reflection and self-regulation in general and the evaluation indicators for LA tools in particular by a representative amount of experts in the field.

What do we ask from you?

We ask you to contribute ideas regarding central characteristics of LA and the evaluation of LA tools in a digital brainstorming session. This task will take 15-25 minutes depending on the amount of ideas you will contribute.

What happens with your contributions?

  1. A team of 20 to 30 people will apply a cluster analysis on the indicators to create semantic groups of indicators.
  2. Then we ask the experts to score the indicators regarding importance and applicability for the LACE Quality Indicator Framework.
  3. The final results will be published in a project report and are an important resource for the development of a community-accepted evaluation approach towards learning analytics tools. The results will also be used as part of a literature review about learning analytics in relation to awareness, reflection and self-regulation.

Time planning:

We ask you to generate ideas until March 31, 2014. After that we will invite the experts to cluster and prioritize the ideas by importance and applicability until April 16, 2014. Afterwards, we analyze the collected data and prepare the report and literature review.

Your contribution to this study is extremely important. Your expertise and ideas will contribute to a renewed and thorough evaluation approach for learning analytics tools that will enable a comparison of such tools.

Please go directly to the website of the digital brainstorming session to contribute your ideas to the LACE Quality Indicator Framework:

Thank you!

Maren on behalf of the LACE team


About Author

Maren Scheffel is an assistant professor within the Technology Enhanced Learning Innovations (TELI) department of the Open Universiteit’s Welten Institute, the Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology. With a background in computational linguistics she started to work in the field of technology-enhanced learning in 2009 and has since then been involved in the coordination and management as well as the research work of several European projects. For her PhD that she obtained from the Open Universiteit in 2017, she developed the Evaluation Framework for Learning Analytics (EFLA).

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