xAPI starts Community of Practice and Profiles Group


The xAPI specification has foreseen that, at some point in time, Communities of practice will “need to xapi logoestablish and define new Verbs and Activities to meet the need of their constituency”. Now the time has come for defining such a community. This August the first meeting was organised, with more webinars to come.

The objective of the group is to generate best practices and requirements for creating an xAPI Community of Practice; identify design profiles (use cases); and standardise how xAPI statements are expressed for each type of design profile.

There is a presentation from the kickoff meeting available for download. The initiative is using Google Groups to organise itself – you find the link her:



About Author

Tore Hoel is affiliated with Learning Centre and Library at HiOA, and has been working within the learning technology standardisation community for more than ten years. He is now working on Learning Analytics Interoperability within the LACE project.

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