D1.3 LACE Compendium

The LACE Compendium is the project handbook of policies and procedures used by the project to support its user engagement and dissemination activities.

Published: 31 January 2014
Version: 1.0
By:  Brian Kelly, Adam Cooper and Christina Smart (Cetis), and Sally Reynolds (ATiT)
Description: This document is an updated compilation of discursive writing and specific guidance that has been produced following the experiences gained during the first year of the LACE (Learning Analytics Community Exchange) project. The aim of the LACE Compendium is to document the policies, procedures and practices which support the project’s dissemination and user engagement activities.
Note: The document replace D1.1 LACE Compendium, the first version of the report.

Persistent URL: http://www.laceproject.eu/deliverables/d1-3-lace-compendium/
Link: http://www.laceproject.eu/deliverables/d1-3-lace-compendium.pdf

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