D7.2 Data Sharing Requirements and Roadmap

Published: 1st June 2015
Version: 1.0
By: Adam Cooper (Cetis) and Tore Hoel (HIOA)
Description: Data sharing is understood as the release of data for use by others for the purpose of learning analytics. The issues for data sharing identified through case studies and other means are analysed from a technical, semantic, organisational, and legal perspective, following the structure of the European Interoperability Framework. The issues are also assessed as to whether they could easily be addressed or would appear as a blocker of progress. Even if the research community is rather optimistic of the possibility to “scale up” learning analytics to create big impact using big data, this report shows the need for more research and community exchange to frame, sort and prioritise the issues of data sharing. .
Persistent URL: http://www.laceproject.eu/deliverables/d7-2-data-sharing-roadmap/
Link: http://www.laceproject.eu/deliverables/d7-2-data-sharing-roadmap.pdf