Institutional Readiness Day for Learning Analytics Technologies

The LACE project in collaboration with University of Amsterdam is organising a workshop in Amsterdam to focus on institutional readiness for learning analytics.

The meeting will take place at 9:30 on December 10th at the Allard Pierson Museum. (The meeting is free to attend)

After a very successful Open Learning Analytics Summit in Amsterdam in last year, we are this year focusing on institutional readiness. We address this in two ways:

  • Envisioning possible futures for learning analytics, in terms of their feasibility and desirability.
  • Examining practical solutions to challenges in implementing open learning analytics tools. We will discuss how open architectures and specifications can help institutions make their learning analytics strategy more effective.   
Adam Cooper introduces LACE

Adam Cooper introduces LACE during the 2014 Open Learning Analytics Summit in Amsterdam

The Institutional Readiness Day is highly relevant for the following target groups:

  • Groups and initiatives working towards educational standards, open architecture for education (e.g. Apereo, Jisc, SURF and national initiatives)
  • Higher Education institution data managers and strategists
  • School agencies thinking about architectures, support frameworks
  • Ministries of education and regional managers
  • Workplace: data managers from large organisations or networks
  • Policy makers or politicians concern with information policy (regional, national, European)
  • Techno activists and others working on issues related to data protection and privacy, content provisioning for learning…

Venue: Museum room Nina van Leerzaal at Allard Pierson Museum

Agenda (provisional):

9:00: Coffee and registration
9:30: Introduction to the Institutional Readiness Day (Dai Griffiths, LACE project)
9:35: Introduction to the UvAInform pilots in learning analytics (Stefan Mol, University of Amsterdam)
9:45: 8 pilots on learning analytics – state-of-the-art report (Garbor Kimishok, University of Amsterdam)
11:45: Implications for Institutional Readiness of the UvAInform pilots (Alan Berg, University of Amsterdam
12:00: Lunch
13:00: Towards Open Architectures and Interoperability for learning analytics (Patrick Lynch, Jisc and Tore Hoel, LACE project)
13:30: The JISC Architecture towards Institutional Readiness (Patrick Lynch, Jisc)
14:00: Vision of the Future: the LACE Policy Delphi on Learning Analytics  –  (Dai Griffiths, LACE project)
16:00: Discussion
16:30: Networking and drinks at the nearby Cafe de Jaren

The event will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on December 10th, following the Learning Analytics Code Jam organised by SURF 8/9th of December.

Register for the event using Eventbrite

More about the programme:

LACE Policy Delphi: LACE is running a policy Delphi to explore the trends underlying the growth of learning analytics, and ideas on how these will develop.It is looking at:

  • the feasibility and desirability of the visions
  • the interventions which should be made to maximise potential of the visions, or to mitigate their effects.

At this session the LACE will present the results of the first online stage and invite participants to share their ideas on the the future of learning analytics.  The survey open for participation – you are welcome to state your opinion!