Evidence Hub

The LACE Evidence Hub brings together evidences about the effects of learning analytics from across the world, and has the capacity to inform policy making for learning analytics.

Distribution about evidences per country It is a place for recording, organising and searching evidence relating to the theory, research and practice of learning analytics and associated educational data mining. It seeks to bring together evidence from across the globe to support or contest the effectiveness of learning analytics in the schools / compulsory education, higher education and workplace sectors. Guiding questions and tools will be available to help users frame, categorise and interpret the evidence.

The Evidence Hub is available at http://evidence.laceproject.eu. It is hosted by the Open University as a separate WordPress instance.


The LACE Evidence Hub brings together evidence about learning analytics and relates it to four propositions:

  • Learning analytics improve learning support and teaching, including retention, completion and progression.
  • Learning analytics are taken up and used widely, including deployment at scale.
  • Learning analytics are used in an ethical way.
  • Learning analytics improve learning outcomes.

Everyone is welcome to add evidence for or against these propositions to the Hub site.
Flow Diagram of Evidences