Future of Learning Analytics

The LACE project conducted a policy Delphi to explore the trends underlying the growth of learning analytics, and varying ideas on how these will develop. In the first stage of this work the project has developed eight visions of the future of learning analytics, illustrating different aspect of the way that learning analytics could transform our lives by the year 2025 (see the presentation slides below). A survey has been launched to collect a range of views on

  • the feasibility and desirability of the visions
  • the interventions which should be made to maximise potential of the visions, or to mitigate their effects.

The results of the study will be directed at policy makers at all levels. They will correlate informed judgments on the future of learning analytics from across a wide range of disciplines, and explore the underlying information and assumptions which lead to differing judgments. The ambition is to inform decisions on the regulatory framework, investment decisions, infrastructure and specifications, and the educational discourse.

The results of the study will be published as a LACE Learning Analytics Review paper. So stay tuned!