Associates and Liaisons

LACE is committed to collaboration and cooperation with other organisations and initiatives with an interest in Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining. We see this as a process of truly mutual support and sharing of effort.

We are now working  to build up a network of Associates and Liaison Partners to:

  • provide mutual support in out-reach and dissemination;
  • co-organise events;
  • co-author reports and provide peer-review;
  • help to join-up communities of educators, researchers, policy-makers, and suppliers;
  • discuss emerging themes and priorities for action;
  • avoid duplication of effort and maximise synergy.

If you are a business, public sector organisation, project, or other initiative with a particular interest in learning analytics and you would like to collaborate with us, you can get in touch in two ways:

Our workflow to get in touch with you as associated partner is the following:

Workflow how to become an associated partner

Workflow how to become an associated partner





Shortly, this page will be amended to list, and link to, our Associates.