About the Learning Analytics Review

The Learning Analytics Review is a series of articles and briefings for those working in the schools, workplace and higher education with an interest in the impact of learning analytics in the short to medium term.

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Learning Analytics Review article:

  1. Measuring and Understanding Learner Emotions: Evidence and Prospects
  2. A Framework of Quality Indicators for Learning Analytics
  3. Policy recommendations for learning analytics from three stakeholder workshops
  4. The LACE LAW Manifesto
  5. Towards Learning Analytics Interoperability at the Workplace (LAW Profile)
  6. Is Privacy a Show-stopper for Learning Analytics? A Review of Current Issues and their Solutions
  7. Comparing xAPI and Caliper

Learning Analytics Review Case Studies:

  1. OU Analyse: Analysing at-risk students at The Open University
  2. Examining Learners’ Cognitive Presence in MOOCs
  3. FlexPath Building Competency-based, Direct Assessment Offerings
  4. Learning Analytics Review Technical Series 

Special Issue on Journal of Learning Analytics: 

  1. Special section on ethics and privacy in learning analytics, VOL 3, NO 1 (2016), ISSN 1929-7750 (online)