Maren Scheffel

July 22, 2015

Date: 21st July 2015

Authors: Maren Scheffel

Link: Review 2: A Framework of Quality Indicators for Learning Analytics

Citation: Scheffel, M., A Framework of Quality Indicators for Learning Analytics, Learning Analytics Review, no. 2, July 2015, ISSN: 2057-7494.

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The LACE project has established a first version of a framework of quality indicators for learning analytics, based on a group concept mapping study with experts. The group concept mapping approach is explained, and steps in the framework creation process described, as well as the framework itself. The framework was turned into an applicable tool and evaluated with a group of learning analytics experts. The results of the evaluation revealed several weak points in the first version of the framework, and the experts supplied several suggestions and recommendations on how to improve the framework further.

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