Policy recommendations for learning analytics from three stakeholder workshops

Date: 10th August 2015

Fabrizio Cardinali & Marco Paini, ITS-Skillaware, Italy
Rebecca Ferguson & Bart Rienties, Open University, UK
David Griffiths, University of Bolton
Tore Hoel, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences,
Oslo, Norway; Peter Karlberg, National Agency for Education, Sweden
Sally Reynolds, ATiT, Belgium
Maren Scheffel, Open University, The Netherlands
Marieke van der Schaaf, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Patricia Wastiau, European Schoolnet

Link: Review 3: Policy recommendations for learning analytics from three stakeholder workshops

Citation: Cardinali, F., Ferguson, R., Griffiths, D., Hoel, T. Karlberg, P., Paini, M., Reynolds, S., Rienties, B., van der Schaaf, M., Scheffel, M., Wastiau, P., Policy recommendations for learning analytics from three stakeholder workshops, Learning Analytics Review, no. 3, July 2015, ISSN: 2057-7494. http://www.laceproject.eu/learning-analytics-review/policy-recommendations-lace-workshops/

Short link (for use in Twitter): http://bit.ly/lace-review-3


Abstract: In this paper we review the issues which were priorities for a group of European educational administrators, professionals and academics in considering analytics and its relationship to policy and practice. We hope to contribute to the sector-wide reflection which is needed to make progress towards a fuller picture of the role of analytics in education. The recommendations contained in the paper were developed at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics
Briefing that took place in Brussels the 15th April 2015. The event took place in the Thon Hotel EU,
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 75 in Brussels, and was organised by the LACE project consortium in
collaboration with the PELARS, Lea’s Box and WatchMe project consortia and with the support of
European SchoolNet. Participants were invited to take part in discussions on how best to develop policies related to the fair and ethical use of such data in schools, universities and the workplace. Three rapporteurs documented the discussions and prepared the discussion documents which led to the texts included here. LACE also carried out a number of interviews with participants, which are also included in this paper.

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