Hendrik Drachsler

Dr. Hendrik Drachsler is Associate Professor on Learning Technologies at the Welten Institute of the Open University of the Netherlands. His research interests include Learning Analytics, Personalisation technologies, Recommender Systems, Educational data, Open Science, mobile devices, and their applications in the fields of technology enhanced learning, science 2.0, and health 2.0. He is chairing the EATEL SIG dataTEL and the national SIG Learning Analytics of the Dutch umbrella organisation SURF. He is also elected member of the Society of Learning Analytics (SoLAR). Hendrik is the scientific coordinator of the FP7 project LACE and WP2 leader of the LinkedUp project. In the past, he contributed to various national and international research projects.

Adam Cooper

Adam works for Cetis, the Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards, at the University of Bolton, UK. He rather enjoys data wrangling and hacking about with R. He is a member of the UK Government Open Standards Board, and a member of the Information Standards Board for Education, Skills and Children’s Services, and is a strong advocate of open standards and open system architecture. Adam is leading the workpackage on interoperability and data sharing.


Andrew Brasher

Andrew is a member of the Learning and Teaching Development Team at the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the Open University, UK. He is usually working on a range of research and development projects, with the aim of improving practice at the OU (and elsewhere). Some of the projects are funded by the Open University and others by bodies such as the EU (e.g. LACE).


Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is the Innovation Advocate at Cetis (Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards). Brian has an interest in helping to embed innovative technologies and practices in higher education. Brian embraces open practices in his work, in particular through his UK Web Focus blog and his @briankelly Twitter account. Brian is managing the LACE WP2 on user engagement and outreach.


Christina Smart

Christina is currently the Cetis (Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards) Editor a role which co-ordinates communications activities including publications and organising the Cetis conference. Before joining Cetis Christina an e-learning development officer at the University of Bangor, and before that was the manager of the CTI Biology Centre. Christina is supporting communications in the LACE project.


Dai Griffiths

Dai Griffiths is a professor at the Institute for Educational Cybernetics. His background is in the arts and in education, and he has taught at many levels including primary and secondary education, higher education and continuing education, and in industry. From the early 1990s he worked on  a wide range of aspects of technology and education, as a developer, researcher and project manager, before taking on his current role. He has published extensively on the design of learning activities and their technological support, and on adaptive learning with IMS Learning Design. This led to his current engagement with learning analytics, and he is particularly interested in how the representations of learning activities in pedagogic planning and management processes relate to analytics initiatives.

He was recently co-chair of the American Society of Cybernetics 2013 conference, and is joint editor of the ASC 2014 proceedings.


David Sherlock

David Sherlock is a Web Developer at Cetis and helps to run and maintain technical aspects of the LACE online infrastructure. Interests include data wrangling, R and social network analysis.


Doug Clow

Doug is  senior lecturer into new technology in teaching, particularly learning analytics, at the Open University in the UK.


Eva Szalma

Eva Szalma works as Project Officer at the European Distance and E-Learning Network (EDEN) since 2008. EDEN is the most comprehensive European association in open and distance and e-learning, it exists to share knowledge and improve understanding amongst professionals and to promote policy and practice across the whole of Europe and beyond. Eva’s field of work include network building, dissemination, quality assurance, evaluation and research. In the LACE project she is responsible for the production of the regular LACE newsletter as well as for identifying synergies and establishing partnerships.

Fabrizio Cardinali

EU leading technology enhanced learning solutions and interoperability  standards expert. Helped to start, position and sell several learning technologies companies world wide. After acting many years as CEO of leading international eLearning Companies (e.g. Giunti Labs, eXact Learning NA in the US and Harvestroad Hive in Australia) Fabrizio is currently Chief Strategy and  Marketing Officer at sedApta Group, EU leading IT solutions provider offering an integrated suite for Sales and Operations Planning (SOP) from demand management to inventory planning, plant scheduling and shop floor monitoring.

Today Fabrizio is helping set up to define its global go to market strategy and partner network and launch new digital start ups amongst, Skillaware, is dedicated to the development of a highly innovative, patent pending, technology using TinCan API, BPMN and other innovative standards for context aware, workplace based, rapid upskilling and training of operators of new IT processes and tools.

Fabrizio also acts as the Project Manager for Infinity Technology Solutions, the Company of the sedApta Group which joined LACE as responsible for WP5 activities, dedicated to the promotion of learning analytics for advancing workplace learning.


Jan Hylén

Dr Jan Hylén specializes in strategic analysis and has completed research for UNESCO, the OECD, the European Union, and education organizations in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. He has a background as Director of Research at the National Agency for Education and as a former Special Advisor to the Swedish Minister of Schools. Jan earned his Ph.D. in Political Science at Stockholm University and currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden.


Li Yuan

Li Yuan works for Cetis, the Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards, UK. As a Senior Researcher and Learning Technology Advisor, Li has been involved supporting the UKOER programme and worked on the EU funded “TEL-Map” project. Her main areas of interest involve investigating and understanding emerging technologies and innovative practices in education. In LACE Li facilitates community exchange and conversations to explore shared understanding on the fundamental questions and challenges of using learning analytics in education.


Marco Paini

Marco Paini is a member of the EU-Projects team of the sedApta Group. During his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Marco has developed extensive knowledge on different industrial and manufacturing processes and has participated in several EU project proposals. Marco has also worked in R&D Projects for Siemens and for other national and international companies.His participation in the LACE project will provide support and ideas in the development of learning and LA in the workplace, related to WP5.


Marcus Specht

Prof. Dr. Marcus Specht is Professor for Advanced Learning Technologies at the Welten Institute of the Open University of the Netherlands and is director of the Learning Innovation Labs. He is currently involved in several national and international research projects on competence based life-long learning, personalised information support and contextualised and mobile learning. His research focus is on Mobile and Contextualised Learning Technologies, Learning Network Services and Social and Immersive Media for Learning.


Maren Scheffel

Maren Scheffel is a researcher and PhD candidate at the Welten Institute of the Open University of the Netherlands. She is a computational linguist and has been working in the field of technology enhanced learning (TEL) for several years where she was involved in several national and international TEL projects. Currently, she focuses her research on learning analytics, reflection and awareness support, personalisation and educational data. In LACE she is part of the project management and also highly involved in research about cross-domain studies.


Mathy Vanbuel

With a background in audio-visual production, Mathy worked for the audio-visual service of the Catholic University of Leuven for more than 15 years as director and production manager. He is a Director of ATiT which he co-founded in 1999 and where he leads on educational technology developments and is the lead consultant on projects for the European Commission, The World Bank and various Ministries of Education in Europe, Africa and Asia, and others. In LACE Mathy is providing input to the specific activities aimed at schools.


Mehrnoosh Vahdat

Mehrnoosh collaborates with ITS (Infinity Technology Solutions) in LACE project on the workplace package. She is currently a PhD student in Interactive and Cognitive Environments (ICE) as a double-degree program at DITEN, University of Genoa, Italy as well as Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. Her major fields of interest include Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining in both corporate training and higher education.

Peter Karlberg

Peter Karlberg is a senior adviser at the Swedish National Agency for Education with focus on the use of ICT from different perspectives such as school and curriculum development, information managing and infrastructure.  He is also the Swedish representative in the EUN steering committee and chair the Policy and Innovation Committee  His expertise includes follow up studies both on actual use and on the impact on the learning environment of new technology. This also includes competence development related issues. has been working in different positions within the field of education with a focus on the use of ICT. During his time at the Ministry of Education in the beginning of the 90s he was involved in curriculum development and responsible for the field of ICT use. He has also worked at the Swedish Institute for System Development (SISU), a research institute where he participated in several projects involving industry in the field of e-learning as a researcher/senior analyst. Here he also developed an interest in metadata and standards for information management. During  a couple of  years he also headed the Swedish standard committee (TK450) on ICT in education and participated in international standardisation work in the field. Within LACE Peter is responsable for the workpackage on learning analytics in schools.


Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca is a lecturer at The Open University in the UK, focused on educational futures, learning analytics, MOOCs, augmented learning and online social learning. She is a member of the steering committee of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) and was Workshops Chair of the second Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference (LAK 2012). She co-chaired the 1st and 2nd International Workshops on Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics, held in Belgium and the US, as well as the first UK SoLAR Flare (a national learning analytics event). Her most recent publication is the book ‘Augmented Education’, published by Palgrave in May 2014. Rebecca is working on the LACE work package relating to learning analytics in higher education.


Sally Reynolds

An Irish national with a background in remedial linguistics, Sally first worked in radio and television in Ireland as a presenter and producer for the national broadcaster, RTE. From 1990 onwards, she worked in technology enhanced learning networks in Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. She is a Director of ATiT which she co-founded in 1999 where she leads on dissemination work for several EU projects including MEDEAnet, SAILS, EMMA and Inspiring Science Education. Sally is an experienced editor, event manager and European dissemination strategist and in LACE is supporting the events strategy.


Simon Cross

Since joining the Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University, Simon has worked on over a dozen ESRC, JISC, EU and Institutionally funded projects associated with assessment, learning design, open online learning and the use of educational technologies. He has experience in both qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation of educational innovation and practice. Simon will shortly take up a new role as lecturer at the Institute.

Simone Naso

I’ve started my career in 2003 as ICT analyst engineer facing technical issues in international contexts. In 2006 I’ve acted as project leader in business and funded R&D projects. Since January 2010 I am director for sales and business development at ITS, developing new leads and following existing key customers. In LACE I will exploit my analytical aptitude and knowledge on skills standards (e.g. EUCIP and ECF) collaborating in WP5.


Tore Hoel

Tore is the Open Educational Resources and Open Standards advocate at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). Tore has been working within the learning technology and standardisation community for more than ten years. He is coordinating NordicOER, a small Nordplus supported project to promote OER in the Nordic countries, and he is engaged in international liaison activities related to e-textbooks related educational services. In LACE he support the community exchange efforts and engage in exploring LA & EDM interoperability issues.


Weiqin Chen

Weiqin Chen is a professor in human-computer interaction at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, and an adjunct professor at University in Bergen. Her research focuses on semantic and intelligent technology in collaborative learning. In LACE she is involved in interoperability in LA.