Project Deliverables

The LACE project are publishing a number of deliverables over the lifetime of the project. A list of these reports is given below.

D1.1 LACE Compendium (Project Handbook)

D1.2 Review of Effectiveness (internal report)

D1.3 LACE Compendium (Project Handbook)

D2.4 Web Analytics Report and Improvement Plan (internal report)

D2.5 Evidence Hub Review

D2.6 First Annual Meeting

D2.8 Evidence Hub Second Review

D2.9 Second Annual Meeting

D3.1 Framework of Quality Indicators

D3.2 Visions of the Future, Horizon Report

D4.1 Report on WP4 Events

D4.2 Report on WP4 Events V2

D5.1 Report on WP5 Events

D5.2 Report on WP5 Events V2

D6.2 Report on WP6 Events

D6.4 Report on WP6 Events V2

D7.1 Compilation of Learning Analytics Interoperability Studies

D7.2 Data Sharing Requirements and Roadmap

D7.3 Compilation of Learning Analytics Interoperability Studies

D7.4 Learning Analytics Interoperability: Requirements, Specifications and Adoption

D8.2 Liaison Report 2014 (internal report)

D8.3 Liaison Report V2 (internal report)

D9.1 Internal Communications Channels (internal report)