Interviews with the LACE community

On this page we present video recordings of workshops, keynotes and interviews orgnised by the LACE project. Feel free to reuse those videos for any purposes within your organisation. Most videos are also available on the LACE YouTube channel.

LACE interviews from the Learning Analytics Experts Workshop in Amsterdam in March 2016

The following interviews were recorded by Maren Scheffel and Hendrik Drachsler during a learning analytics experts workshop about European learning analytics policy in Amsterdam in March 2016. The workshop was jointly organised by LACE and LAEP.

Professor Baltasar Fernández Manjón

Baltasar Fernández Manjón is professor for software engineering and artificial intelligence at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Andrew Cormack

Andrew Cormack is Chief Regulatory Advisor at Jisc

Tim Vogelsang

Tim Vogelsang is Director of Business Intelligence at

Dr. Marieke van der Schaaf and Dr. Bert Slof

Marieke van der Schaaf and Bert Slof work at the Educational Sciences Department of Utrecht University

Professor Anne Boyer

Anne Boyer is a professor at the LORIA Laboratory for Knowledge, Information and Web Intelligence at Université Nancy

Dr. Dirk Tempelaar

Dirk Tempelaar works at the department of Quantitative Economics at Maastricht University

Professor Barbara Wasson

Barbara Wasson is a professor at the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology (SLATE) of the University of Bergen

Adam Cooper

Adam Cooper is a Data Science Analyst at Tribal

Dr. Hendrik Drachsler

Hendrik Drachsler is an Associate Professor at the Welten Institute of the Open Universiteit

An Interview from the UoC conference on Learning Analytics

This interview with Associate Prof. Dr. Drachsler from the LACE project was recorded during the UoC conference on Learning Analytics held at the University Oberta Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain on 6 November 2015. In the interview he talks about Ethics & Privacy (DELICATE Checklist), data standards, and sophistication of LA.

Interviews from the Institutional Readiness Day for Learning Analytics, 10 December 2015

Speakers in the video are:

  • Josh Baron, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology for Digital Education of Marist College, NY, USA about the Apereo Learning Analytics Initiative.
  • Garbor Kismihok, Stefan Mol, and Alan Berg reporting about internal Learning Analytics projects at the University of Amsterdam, NL.
  • Marieke de Wit, Project Manager on Learning Analytics at
  • Tore Hoel, on Data Interoperability and Ethics & Privacy studies of the LACE project.

Video presentation by Belinda Tynan from the SoLAR flare in October 2015

The following video presentation was held by Prof Belinda Tynan during the LACE SoLAR flare in Milton Keynes at the Open University on 9 October 2015.

LACE interviews from the EC-TEL 2015, 24th September 2015

The following interviews were recorded by Maren Scheffel during the European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) in Toledo, Spain in September 2015.

Vice-rector Prof. Dr. Carlos Delgado Kloos

Carlos Delgoado Kloos is vice-rector at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid where he heads the Telematic Applications and Services Group (GAST)

Dr. Michael Kickmeier-Rust

Michael Kickmeier-Rust works at the Knowledge Technologies Institute of the Graz University of Technology and coordinates the LEA’S BOX Project.

Professor Mark Brown

Mark Brown is the Director of the National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) based at Dublin City University (DCU)

LACE interviews from the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, 15th April 2015

Ernestina Menasalvas

Ernestina Menasalvas, Professor of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and representing the Big Data Value Association. Interviewed at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, 15th April 2015 (BDVA).

Jan Buytaert

Jan Buytaert, Go!, Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Belgium. Interviewed at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, 15th April 2015.

Marco Fichera

Marco Fichera, Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT), European Commmission, interviewed at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, 15th April 2015.

Mihaela Georgieva

Mihaela Georgieva, MEP Assistant, European Parliament. Interviewed at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, 15th April 2015.

Patricia Wastiau

Patricia Wastiau, Principal Advisor for R&D, European Schoolnet. Interviewed at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, 15th April 2015.

Patrice Chazerand

Patrice Chazerand, Policy Director, DIGITALEUROPE. Interviewed at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, 15th April 2015.

Robert Madelin

Robert Madelin, Director General, DG Connect. Interviewed at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, 15th April 2015.

Ruth Drysdale

Ruth Drysdale, Senior Project Manager, Jisc. Interviewed at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, 15th April 2015.

Susan Flocken

Susan Flocken of the European Trades Union Committee for Education. Interviewed at the Policies for Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics Briefing, 15th April 2015.

Online presentations from LASI 2015

Denise Whitelock

This online presentation about “Testing OpenEssayist: An analytics tool for drafting academic essays” was held by Prof Denise Whitelock, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University, UK during LASI 2015.

Jenna Mittelmeier

This online presentation about “The Role Culture and Personality Play” was held by Jenna Mittelmeier during LASI 2015.

Doug Clow

This online presentation about “Creating an action plan for learning analytics” was held by Doug Clow during LASI 2015.

LACE interviews from LAK15

The following interviews were recorded by Maren Scheffel, Hendrik Drachsler and Tore Hoel during the Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK) Conference in Poughkeepsie, USA in March 2015.

Dragan Gašević

Dragan Gašević, the new president of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) gives his perspective on the current state-of-affairs of learning analytics and what will happen in the next few years.

Professor Erik Duval

This interview with Professor Erik Duval from the Department of Computer Science at KU Leuven in Belgium was recorded by Tore Hoel, Hendrik Drachsler and Maren Scheffel at the LAK15 conference. In it Erik discusses how the field of Learning Analytics has developed over the last five years and its potential to empower students an teachers. He also looks forward to the next five years and discusses the dangers and opportunities for LA research, and is excited about using new technologies like wearable technologies and ambient learning spaces to provide immediate feedback while learning.

Dr Sharon Slade

Another interview from LAK15 in which Dr Sharon Slade from the Open University in the UK discusses how learning analytics methodologies have become more accepted as a way to help student retention, and in the future how LA will be “business as usual” for helping students make informed decisions about their learning.

Alan Berg

Alan Berg from the Apereo Foundation and the University of Amsterdam addresses two questions posed by Hendrik Drachsler, Tore Hoel and Maren Scheffel; “What are the barriers that learning analytics has overcome in the last 5 years?” and “Where will learning analytics be in 5 years time?”. Alan discusses how the community has grown through events like hackathons and European policy events, and hopes that in five years the conversations will be more about adaptive learning and less about the LA methodologies as skills become embedded in universities.

Dr Paul Prinsloo

In this interview Paul, from the University of South Africa, discusses learning analytics barriers and opportunities from a South African perspective. In the last few years the filed has become “less technical and much more interdisciplinary”. For the future he hopes for a “more sober approach to what data can and cannot do” and thinks learning analytics “may increase our understanding of the complexity of learning”.

Dr Alyssa Wise

Alyssa from Simon Fraser University in Canada discusses the “silent storm” of learning analytics making a big difference in universities, schools and workplaces in the near future. In this interview she describes the big progress that has been made in the last five years on how we work with, analyse and visualise data. However there are still significant systematic challenges around getting access to data. She also discusses how “all the visualisations in the world are meaningless if they are not incorporated into teachers and learners daily practises”. She believes the next five years will see greater data literacy and these methodologies being adopted in schools and workplaces.

Shane Dawson

In this short interview Shane, from the University of South Australia, talks about how the field of learning analytics is developing especially in the area of privacy and ethics where new policies are being written and adopted. In the future he believes there will be more personalisation and implementation of LA at the whole institution level. Building a “solid evidence base” will be a key part of consolidating the field.

Dr Abelardo Pardo

In this interview Abelardo from the University of Sydney Australia addresses two questions about the past and future of learning analytics. The main barrier overcome in the last five years is “people are aware of how data can influence learning at different levels” he says, and the conversation is no longer about “convincing anyone”. In the near future learning analytics will be about “capturing more students” a strong driver in Australian universities. Aberlardo believes LA will also be important in providing a better student experience with more personalisation for example more suggestions about social activities and ways to tackle difficult courses.

Dr George Siemens

In this interview George Siemens of the University of Texas at Arlington and Athabasca University, discusses how the Learning Analytics field and community is developing and was recorded at LAK15.

Presentations by LACE project members

Dr. Doug Clow

A short welcome and introduction to the LACE project’s Evidence Hub,

Tore Hoel

Data Sharing for Learning Analytics – issues of ethics and privacy. Presentation given by Tore Hoel at a Norwegian Finnish seminar on Learning Analytics organised in Helsinki, Finland, May 2015. Title: Data security issues, ethical issues and challenges to privacy in knowledge-intensive learning and its evaluation.

Tore Hoel

Welcome to the ICT 2015 event: Scaling up learning analytics: Innovating European Education WhileMaintaining European Values and Policies, organised by LACE project and other EU projects in the Learning Analytics field, Lisbon 20 – 22 October 2015

Videos from the LASI-NL @ the CAA conference in June 2014

Summary video of the event

Hendrik Drachsler and Maren Scheffel

Presentation about “Stakeholder Requirements for Learning Analytics” during the LASI-NL 2014 in Zeist on June 30, 2014.

Jeroen Donkers

Session by Jeroen Donkers about learning analytics supporting instructional design during the LASI-NL in Zeist.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hoppe

Key note presentation at the 2nd day of LASI-NL by Ulrich Hoppe (Universität Duisburg-Essen) about “Beyond the obvious – advanced analytics tools and applications in educational contexts”.

Alan Berg & Hendrik van Lehn

Presentations at the LASI-NL 2014 by Alan Berg (University of Amsterdam / Apereo Foundation) about apereo and the tinCan API and by Hendrik vom Lehn (TU Delft) about ethical, legal and security aspects of data.


Big Picture of Learning Analytics Interoperability

This first webinar in the LACE webinar series on LA Interoperability is kicked off by focussing on the big picture. What are the dimensions of LA? Where do we find the low hanging fruits? Where do we start promoting data sharing and interoperability related to Learning Analytics? The webinar was streamed live on 13 May 2014.

Some quick thoughts about the Big Picture of LA Interoperability by Adam Cooper are also available.